Blogging from across the border

It’s been a week since I crossed to the other side of la frontera to Mexico and I’ve been having wonderful, weird, reverse culture shock moments every day since. Believe me, yo soy la mas surprised with my reaction. It’s like everything is a revelation with some message that makes me appreciate everything I have back home (including free wi-fi hot spots and fast internet speeds) and long for everything I don’t. Does it happen to you when you travel?

Here are a few shots from my visit to Mexicali, a unique place in the world and my first stop on my trip to Mexico.

Do your grocery shopping on the street.

2 hour wait times to get back to the USA.

La "border".

Yummy fixings for my carne asada tacos.

The best carne asada tacos anywhere.

4 thoughts on “Blogging from across the border

  1. Nos bajamos del avión a las 7 a.m., give or take a few minutes, en cuanto estuvimos en la ciudad, identifique un ‘je ne sais quoi’ feeling that had been doing a topsy turvy in me: QUERÍA, MAS BIEN, MORÍA POR UNOS TACOS…por favor, alguien, llevenme a COMER UNOS TACOS, N O W!!!!! I finally had my tacos as an early dinner…I’m back baby!!!

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