T’is the Season (but avoiding the impulse to buy buy buy!)

It’s already Thanksgiving week and a shift in the energy is felt around town. Andamos todos alborotados getting ready for the holidays. Don’t you feel Christmas came a lot sooner this year? Time feels as if it’s moving faster. Maybe the general perception has to do with the retailers speeding up the holiday season. Some stores even had decorations up as early as October. Last week, mid- November,  the collection of never ending cheesy holiday songs came on one of the local radio stations, playing for the next 6 weeks. UGH. Give me a break! (Yes, you can call me a Scrooge.)

I had a relative that started buying her Christmas presents in the summer or whenever there was a sale. She was a very practical woman, mi Tia Eva, and always had a gift for everybody while maintaining a healthy bank account. I wish I were that organized and savvy, but I’m more of an impulse buyer. Victima del consumismo, let me tell ya. Not a good trait when you’re trying to save money or just stay afloat in this weird economy. This year the efforts to get us to the mall/stores have been especially agressive, with sales all over the place, even way before black Friday. That’s all you hear, “Oh they moved black Friday up this year, so we can get a head’s up on our shopping.” I think it’s working because this is the busiest I’ve seen the stores in a few years. But I’ve been good so far and have stuck to a budget. Let’s see if my consumer habits continue. I usually lose my grip around late December and then it’s a free for all.

My building is all lit up and ready for Xmas. Photo November 15, 2010 by CB/me.




One thought on “T’is the Season (but avoiding the impulse to buy buy buy!)

  1. Me acorde de tí porque estaba en el mandado (principios de noviembre) en la tienda que evitas para mejor irte a la Target …y empezó la canción de “Winter Wonderland”, que mi me encanta pero pensé: si la Cris escuchara ésta canción navideña se pusiera de mal humor… DE TODAS MANERAS, aprovecho y voto por hacer intercambio familiar en esta época de ahorro.

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