Ok Salma, you win.

She’s a beautiful, powerful A-list Hollywood actress and producer, married to a French billionaire who can give her all the designer clothes she wants. Don’t you just loooove to hate Salma Hayek-Pinault? (OK, yes, maybe that’s my green eyed monster talking…bueno es envidia de la buena.)

As if this weren’t enough, we now have to admit that Salma is actually quite a good singer and great dancer, as she recently demonstrated in front of a French television audience filled with beautiful people, including Zidane! Just look at her: She sings! She dips! She swirls!

Here’s the clip below. Maybe you’ll agree. OMG, Mis respetos Salma. No cantas mal las rancheras. I resisted…but you won me over. Ahora sí, soy tu fan!

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