Fin de semana con mis Homies

Random shots of the weekend. Time flies cuando te estás divirtiendo.


Wurstkuche. Downtown LA. Packed!

Hot dogs like you've never had before at Wurstkuche.

Off the wall!

We caught this show at LATC. "Latina on the Loose" is not be missed. We laughed. We cried. We related. Bravo Mina Olivera! Thanks to Miguel Angel Caballero for the invite. GO SEE IT!

After theater drinks at Las Perlas. Super cool.

The menu @LasPerlas. Puros drinks. Nothing here for the lightweights. Photo By Olivia E.

Nunca en la vida had we ever encountered this. Our bartender girl reminded us of the "soup nazi" episode from Seinfeld. You asked her for a drink and she would flat out tell you she would not make it for you because she didn't like it herself. Had an ice cold and unflinching demeanor as she said it. I guess we were all in shock to complain, because she gave us whatever the hell she wanted and we drank it.

Martha raved about Danny's "Verdaderos" Tacos, and the truck was conveniently parked outside Las Perlas. These were the choices.

Keeping it real: Tacos de Lengua just as M. likes them.

Mis homies, winding down at 1 am.

2 thoughts on “Fin de semana con mis Homies

  1. Had so much fun! Thanks to homie Olivia for suggesting the best hot dog in town, homie Cristi for hooking us up w the Latina play (bunisimo!)…the nite was full of surprises, luv ya both!!

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