Lo más interesting de la semana: Dinner @ the Alibi

What a week! TGIF.

But before it’s over, I have to give a shout out to my dear friend Olivia who remembered I had been wanting to try the famous Kogi Truck Korean Tacos and invited me to go this week.

The original plan was to follow the taco truck according to their twitter feed, but we discovered they were on the other part of town that night. So she thought of taking me to the Alibi in Culver City instead. Great idea!

The Alibi in Culver City. Really cool bar serving Kogi tacos.

She recommended we have the short rib tacos and let me tell you, they are perfection. It’s all in the fusion: an homage to tacos and spices with a sweet and sour twist. Yo no se qué les ponen, pero están buenisimos! See a better photo on their website. I had them with an ice cold Carta Blanca, one of the best Mexican beers, and it made for a wonderful meal with my friend. Thanks O for a lovely evening in the westside.

Short rib taquitos (3) y una Carta Blanca por favor. YUM.

By the way, she’s a blogger too. Check it out here and learn something new. It’s about your money, honey.


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