Mina Olivera is a “Latina on the Loose!”

Let’s go to the theater this weekend, yes?

Mina Olivera, actress, writer of "LOL Latina on the Loose!" (Photo provided by the show and Mina Olvera.)

Mina Olivera is the writer, creator and star of “LOL, Latina on the Loose!” and it sounds like a great show. Here’s the synopsis from the show’s website.

Mina Olivera’s LOL Latina on the Loose is a comedy on a journey from Brazil to Switzerland to El Salvador to America, and straight to your heart. You’ll laugh and cry as you experience the challenges she faces coming to America by herself as a teenager, and the tests she confronts in retaining her larger than life grandmother’s biggest teaching: Show them your worth.”

Latina on the Loose! Writer, director, producers.

The show is playing at the LATC in downtown this Friday and Saturday, November 12 and 13, and next weekend Friday and Saturday November 19 and 20. Address is 514 S. Spring Street, LA, CA 90013. Click here to get your tickets: $25 general seating, $40 VIP seats.

Vámonos al teatro pues!

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