He’s Back!! Woohoo Conando!

Hey Team Coco, the wait is over! In case you didn’t know, the new Conan O’Brien Show premieres mañana, Monday Nov. 8, 11pm. TBS. (Mr. George Lopez was gracious enough to give him his time slot, esperemos que no se haga el ardido después.)

Doesn’t it seem like ages ago when NBC and that Zuckerberg dude threw Conan under the bus and all the late night tv wars happened? Hopefully he’ll get great ratings from the beginning and we won’t have to go through that again.

By the way, great promos for the new show. Here’s one of the best- and yes, it looks really expensive. I just hope he keeps the Conando name and can do more sketches en español. Hopefully esos no se quedaron en el vault de NBC.



One thought on “He’s Back!! Woohoo Conando!

  1. tiene cara de caricatura este CONAN, la mega-frente con esos mini-ojos, pero es tan chingon que hasta guapo lo veo, jajajajaaaaa love him!!!

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