Now everybody can understand tv novelas en español con subtitulos

Good article on the LA Times today (Click here to read) about Telemundo subtitling novelas for the younger, hipper kids on their mun2 channel. Según ellos, they don’t really speak or understand Spanish, so the producers/programmers thought the subtitles would make it easier for them to understand the drama, the passion, the tears and the joy that don’t translate on screen. Frankly, I don’t think Spanish language novelas need translation. Aren’t they universally understood? Pero bueno, it’s all about bringing in the younger viewers and new audiences to the shows.

Here’s a tip, if they really want to engage the kids on mun2, they should subtitle them with all the acronyms they use for texting. Then they would really get it!… Like: JK, KOTC, LOL, F2F, TMB, DIKU, JFF, BFF, BBS, OMG, and SLAP.

Or as we used to say in a pre-digital, didn’t we use to talk to each other before? world: Just Kidding, Kiss On The Cheek, Laugh Out Loud, Face To Face, Text Me Back, Do I Know You, Just For Fun, Best Friend Forever, Be Back Soon, Oh My God, Sounds Like A Plan.

Now those are subtitles I would really appreciate everyday just to understand what people are saying these days.

BBT (Be Back Tomorrow!)

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