Meet Yolanda González, visual artist

“Let the beauty of what you do be what you love.” – Rumi (Persian poet)

Last Thursday, my friend Henny Marquez invited me to an amazing art show presenting the work of her friend, Yolanda González. Yolanda paints portraits exactly the way you feel about someone you hold dear to your heart. Full of color, passionate, vibrant, expressive, rich, big, bold. The art is not just beautiful, it explodes all over the canvas. Todos los que fuimos quedamos encantados.

The show was organized by Yolanda’s friends and supporters, Raquel Bessudo (México), Claudia Dorenbaum (México) and  Giselle Fernandez (LA). You can call them modern day “Catalinas de Medicis” because they are so supportive of the arts and of Yolanda’s work. They love it and kept raving about it to all who attended.

Here’s a little bio of Yolanda and a few pictures from an art filled night:

“Yolanda Gonzáez was born into a family whose artistic heritage dates back to 1877. Her world is one of curiosity, demonstrating her love of people and their surroundings. Gonzalez’s travels in different countries, the bonds she forged with individuals in those places, and the resulting transformative experiences are reflected in her art and her life. González studied at Pasadenta Art Center Collge of Design after winning a painting competition that awarded her a scholarship to the prestigious school. This led her to Self Help Graphics, an involvement that lasted for years and resulted in her being sent to Spain and Scotland as a representative for exhibitions in those countries. Over the years she has exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions across the US, Europe, and in South Africa.”

A collage of different works on display. All gorgeous!

Friends and art supporters came out to the event.

The good people from Real Tequila served the most amazing margarita meets mojito... con todo y cilantro!

Con Chef Lala, quien preparó los entremeses.

Raquel Bessudo, Yolanda González and Giselle Fernandez.

The artist Yolanda González. This is one of her earlier works and was amazing to see it up close and personal. From Giselle Fernandez's collection.

One thought on “Meet Yolanda González, visual artist

  1. Christy..

    It was a splendid evening.. and so great meeting you.
    Giselle Fernandez Farrand has been a Art Patron of mine for the past 8 years.
    She is on my favorites list!!
    It was such a great group of people.
    The vibe was so magical. I am looking forward to my Exhibition “Gracias al Arte” in Cabo San Lucas Curated By
    Raquel Bessudo and Claudia Dorenbaum.. Looking forward to further posts on Life in Spanglish!!
    Con Carino Yolanda Gonzalez

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