Fiestas Patrias marketing LA

Another year. Another mega event in a downtown plaza. Another effort involving time and money for “celebrating” Mexico in LA with the same marketing tricks. (Free samples of sugary juice anyone? Just stand in line.)

Yet still it makes me wonder. Don’t our people deserve a little bit more support throughout the year? Not just during Fiestas Patrias, not just with the “Bicentenario” excuse this time around.

How about a little bit more $$$  for education, for health, for opportunities in the future? Looking at the people attending the event, thousands of them,  I wish we (the marketing people) could come up with a better formula for promoting brands while creating ways to improve the quality of life everybody deserves.

Just saying.

Walking by herself at Fiestas Patrias event in Plaza Olvera. 9/19/2010

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