New to my tivo: Eastbound and Downside

HBO brings a second season of  Eastbound and Downside and it seems interesting. It’s about a down and out retired baseball player who takes off to Mexico, where all sorts of crazy things happen to him. Have yet to see it and tell if it’s any good. But I like the trailer above.

They had the second season premiere earlier this week in LA with a big party, “Fiesta Mexicana style” with sarapes and sombreros… and a burro. How original! Click here to read from the LA Times.

Danny McBride is the star of Eastbound and Downside. And he brought a burro to the premiere. (Photo by Valerie Macon for LA Times)

Ana de la Reguera also stars. She's on a roll, good for her! (Photo by Matt Sayles/AP for LA Times)

The sad thing is, they didn’t film the show in Mexico because the producers thought it was too dangerous. They had Puerto Rico as a stand in. Nothing against PR, but Mexico is so much more photogenic and would’ve given it so much more character. Maybe the producers (Will Ferrel, Chris Henchy, et al) don’t know how much more fun they would’ve had filming in Mexico. Somebody please tell them they are missing out.

One thought on “New to my tivo: Eastbound and Downside

  1. Sarapes, sombreros y un burro… no me ch… eso les representa mexico a unos productores de una serie que se supone es en mexico… mal!!! que pensaría Ana de la Reguera o estará deslumbrada por todo esto? sorry for the negativity but some people can be soooooo dumb!!! what you have to do to get to Hollywood! sorry it just gets to my nerves

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