Serenata music plus mellow music.

This evening the catholic church I live close to had their annual ‘Noche Mexicana in September’ kermesse and get together. This means I could hear live mariachi music at home. It was almost like a serenata by my window.

They actually were pretty good and had me singing along to Paloma Negra, Mexico Lindo y Querido and the classic, can’t live without, can’t hear it without singing “El Rey”. Con dinero y sin dinero hago siempre lo que quiero…

After the serenata was over and the mexican faithful were driving home,  I still wanted to hear more good music. So I turned on Pandora and just let it play. And let me tell you… it was a great mix tonight. Ya no fue nada en español pero fueron canciones igual de “catchy” y tranquilas y con mucho feeling. You just never hear these songs on the radio here. There was one from Amos Lee that really got to me. Se llama “Keep  It Loose, Keep It Tight”. It’s worth a listen. I also loved the latest from John Mayer, although it’s more pop (hence the duo with the ubiquitous Taylor Swift) and more top 40. But it’s still nice enough for a mellow Saturday evening post.

Here’s Amos:

Here’s Johnny:

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