Jarritos yum!

Without trying to sound too much like a commercial, I got a box of Jarritos sent to me this week. Guess what? They are delicious.

Yo no sé como le hacen, but they got the natural flavors right. They’re not too sweet and not too carbonated. And now you can pretty much find them at more supermarkets all over. They’ve been sold in Mexico since the 1950’s (according to wikipedia) and are the most popular mexican soft beverage drink in the US. Now they’ve gone all modern and jumped on the social media scene, with a fun promotion called “Jarritos Nation” where you claim your Jarritos for your corner of the world and win prizes. You can also follow them on FB, twitter and even flickr.

Once the box arrived, hice mi propia “cata” de Jarritos con mi familia, aprovechando el long weekend get-together. Todos los sabores nos gustaron. The best thing about them is that they are “naturally” flavored. Meaning, they only use natural cane sugar. No High Fructose Corn Syrup is used here. And that is a BIG deal. You’ve probably heard all the effects that regular soft drinks have on your health. Sodas are basically bad for you, any way you look at it. Hace daño. Es malisima!! And typical sodas are loaded with HFCS’s, so you’re drinking yourself a ridiculous amount of processed sugar each time you have a sip. Pero bueeeno, cada quien sabe lo que toma.

At least Jarritos isn’t as loaded with sugar. But they’re still good. Favorite flavors so far: Tamarindo, Jamaica, Piña. De veras que no se cómo le hacen, pero el tamarindo is the best tamarindo flavored drink other than the real agua fresca you’ll find at any taquería. I‘d written previously about their “Mineragua” and their cool name. Now Jarritos Tamarindo siempre estará en mi lista del supermercado.

Puro sabor mexicano, Jarritos style. Try them all!

2 thoughts on “Jarritos yum!

  1. The Jarritos are very good. It leaves a refreshing Sabor Latino of Frutas Naturales. If by any chance you could help me find the address where to contact them because I would love to buy Wholesale.

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