Guilty pleasures

Friday to kick off the Long Weekend. Official end of summer 2010. Time for a light post…

I love working in Pasadena. There’s a dessert bar across the street from my office, so happy hour was in order after a hard day’s night. My friends Martha and Olivia were already there saving me a seat.

Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar serves all sorts of exotic desserts but I went directly for the Churros, estilo Mexico DF. They serve them with cajeta, chocolate and some sort of cinnamon spread. Quite nice! We also ordered a few gelatos to share, pero los flavors estaban muy raros. I guess that’s part of the appeal. Pedimos el Basil Lemon, Tamarindo with a twist of pepper and the honey goat cheese. Ni decirles que este de goat cheese estaba muy feo, con un sabor que te recordaba el olor de queso muy apestoso. El de tamarindo parecia dulce de Pulparindo, pero aguado, so I’m not going to recommend that either. To top it off, we had the coconut macaroon soufflé, which took 20 minutes, but it was worth it.  In brief, we really liked this place. It’s very girly and vintage art deco meets brick walls and dark tones. Sat at the bar and made new friends. We met a couple that is from Puerto Rico by way of Guadalajara, so we definitely practiced our Spanglish.

Friday 9/3/10. Clockwise from left: Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar in Pasadena; a vintage clock ticks slowly; our coconut macarroon soufflé that took 20 minutes with Nathanial in the background; goat cheese honey gelato and tamarind pepper gelato (sound better than they taste, definitely not a fan); our new friends Juan Morales and his wife Susan, who told us they were from Puerto Rico, pero vivieron en Guadalajara; M & O planning their next trip to Paris on a beautiful vintage map.

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