Just make a decision

Got myself a decision to make.

Funny. The cool people from Knock Knock Who’s There Inc. always make me laugh with their irreverent notes, cards and memos. Their timing is ON! No están ustedes para saberlo ni yo para contarlo, pero a veces me gana la indecisión cuando tengo que tomar important decisions. I am a procrastinator, sometimes, I think…

Anywho..esta libretita me cayó como anillo al dedo. Thought I’d snap a quick pic and share, should you be caught up in a cloud of undecisiveness yourself. Some key phrases come to mind, like Nike’s good advice, Just Do It.

O cómo olvidar la frase de aquel presidente que tuvimos hace poco, you know the one who went by “W”.  A pesar de ser medio menso, tenía sus witty comebacks y one liners, como “I’m the Decider!”

Ok, so now: Make a Decision!



Decision Needed By:

Decision Importance: (Trivial/NonLethal/Worthwhile/Weighty/Life Changing)

Indecisiveness Level: (Wishy/Washy/Neutral/Partisan/Mind Made Up)

Best Case Scenario: (Fill in) ___ Pipe Dream

Worst Case Scenario: (Fill in) ___ Apocalypse

Gut Feeling:        Intuitive Conclusion:

Plus(+) and Minuses(-):      Rational Conclusion


Next Steps:    ___For Today

“Or you could always flip a coin.”

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