Saturday morning at the Flower Mart

We must have been really inspired and/or craving beauty, because my friends Ronnie and Martha and I woke up extra early on a Saturday morning to go get fresh flowers at the downtown LA Flower Mart. It is one of the most fabulous places you can think of in LA and we were so happy that we made the effort and the trip. You do have to get there early though, the earlier the better (they open at 4 am and anytime before 7 am really is the best time and best selection.)

We saw so many beautiful colors and combinations and pretty soon we realized we needed a cart to put all the flowers we wanted to take home. You name it, they’ve got it, if it’s in season and for at least 50% off than you would find something in the flower shop. You can’t beat that!

So make the trip, it’s open every day except Sunday. Take cash and an extra shopping cart and go have fun. You’d be amazed at all the wonderful flowers you never knew existed. Ronnie said it best when she thought out loud, “Nature is beautiful!

One of the halls in the downtown LA flower mart, bright and early on a Saturday morning.

These are beautiful flowers called "Cordón de Obispo" in Spanish (but just plain "Custom" in English) and were really soft and velvety.

Mother nature is perfect. Look at the color on these orchids!

These plants are bugeaters! Me acordé de la pelicula de "Little Shop of Horrors."

Orchids in all sizes and shapes!

Go see Mr. Villa at Villa Growers. We loved his shop!

Here's a shot of Villa Growers. The most beautiful flowers ever.

In Spanish: Hortensias. In English: Hydrangeas... preferimos decir Hortensias en español.

Shopping makes you hungry. "El Big Happy" sells "bacon dogs" and quesadilla combos, un buen "tente-en-pie" right outside the flower mart. Smells delicious!

3 thoughts on “Saturday morning at the Flower Mart

  1. HYDRANGEAS….my beloved Hortensias!!!! another example of wanting what i can’t have…will Mexicali ever be able to give me my hydrangeas!!!! thanks for the beautiful pictures, comadrita, xoxo

  2. me encantan las orquideas!!! dicen que con las hortensias las hijas no se casan … yo no creo en esas supersticiones , pero por si las flies!

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