It’s official. I’m a Gleek.

Last Saturday, Gleeks from LA had a chance to meet a few of the stars of the hit show everyone loves and raves about. Tina, Britanny and Artie (without the wheelchair) were on hand at Macy’s Beverly Center for the launch of the new Glee collection. They are now available at most Macy’s nationwide and range from $20 -25 dollars.

From Glee: Tina, Artie and Britanny were beyond happy to meet their fans.

I was amazed by the range of the fans. Seriously, there was no age group nor demographic that wasn’t represented. Kids, moms, dads, teenagers, thirty-somethings, latinos, asiaticos, americano-us, jewish, african american, young and older, straight and gay, people with disabilities…it was melting pot of followers of the show who wanted to get up close to the stars. Most people were singing their hearts out to the soundtrack, which are all covers/tributes to the best musical acts of the 80’s. The paparrazzi showed up, with Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and Fox Tv on hand for interviews and a few lucky fans even got to be on tv.

Gleeks of all ages just wanted to say hello.

But the whole point of the event was to introduce the new Glee apparel line. You may be happy to know the t-shirts are SO COOL! And I wanted to get one, especially after I saw the labels. Nowadays it’s practically impossible to find something that isn’t made in China, right?

Well these t-shirts are super nice, all cotton, with great designs and are all made in MEXICO and PERU and the good ol’ USA. I was practically beside myself when I saw this. For once, I was happy to pay 24.00 dollars for a long sleeve t-shirt, that is also super comfy and nice with jeans. Hechas en México, thank you very much.

Made in Mexico!

A few samples of the Glee tees on sale at Macy's.

That's right! Made in Mexico señores, and very happy to wear it.

If you happen to drive by La Cienega Blvd soon, you’ll see the Glee display with costumes and outfits by the series. They placed it at the corner of La Cienega and Beverly, at the Macy’s Men’s store level.

Glee costumes on display at the Macy's Beverly Center, Men''s store.

So happy to meet you! I love this girl's smile.

Super Gleeks!

Model Gleek. So 80's.

Patiently waiting in line.

The Fox Tv crew interviews the Super Gleek fans.

The event was a success and I’m sure the Macy’s team was very happy. Here’s a group of people that made it happen. Congratulations!

Don't stop believing! Here's the Macy's team with the Glee cast.

4 thoughts on “It’s official. I’m a Gleek.

  1. I must confess I love Glee. Here in Spain temporada 1 has just finished and I cannot wait until temporada 2 starts. It is also a fantastic music for running, I use it from time to time.
    I did not know about the word “gleek”, funny.

  2. no me puedo sacar dont stop believing de la cabeza desde que empezo glee , quiero el soundtrack , ya viste cuando cantan en el centro comercial “dance” y cuando bailan la de beyonce en el fut , luv it!!

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