¿Qué onda con el vitamin water?

Running through the downtown metro station transfer when I saw this poster for Vitamin water.

Made me stop in my tracks…what did I just read?

Como que Que Onda Last Night? I guess we all need our vitamins in the morning.

Dice el poster, “QueOndaLastNight water” y no le entendi hasta que pensé “AAAhhh! ESA onda.”

OKokok. I give them credit for trying and for using Spanglish in their marketing.

Promise to look more closely and take a better picture soon.

Drink your vitamins! By the way, did you know Fifty Cent (the rapper) owns part of the company. Nice, right?

5 thoughts on “¿Qué onda con el vitamin water?

  1. Hi, I’m an Italian student and I’m writing a thesis about Spanglish. Could you explain me the meaning of “qué onda last night?” I’d like to put this image as an example of Spanglish advertising. Thanx!!

    p.s. Where do you live?

    • The way they wrote it means “What went on last night?” or “what happened last night”. It is not a literal translation as “onda” means “frequency” (but I don’t want to confuse you!) Thanks for reading.

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