Go Sofia! Gordon Ramsay se merece una cachetada

Sometimes you wish you could physically strangle people on TV.

The lovely and funny Sofia Vergara (que es a todo dar en persona) was on Jay Leno last week. She brought him a sample of Arequipe, a Colombian dulce de leche product, and Jay seemed to like it.  However, it was unfortunate that the idiotic, ignorant (un verdadero imbécil) Gordon Ramsay, the so called British chef, was a guest there as well and ruined the whole thing. 

Sofia tried to make the best of it, but you can tell she wanted to kill him on the spot. I was offended and upset, and I am not Colombian, but I really felt it was an insult to Latinos in general and Sofia in particular. Anyway, at least she had a witty comeback and managed a few words in Spanish, para no quedarse con las ganas. Jay could have been more attentive, though.

What do you think? Here’s the video. (Courtesy of HispanicAd.com)

5 thoughts on “Go Sofia! Gordon Ramsay se merece una cachetada

  1. haha bien por Sofía!!

    you know how Ramsay is..he has to be the a-hole on every show he’s at! i don’t think it’s that bad, i feel like the mood is light all the time and well, Ramsay is always rude, it’s his trademark, no?

  2. Qué verguënza de ser inglesa! Gordon Ramsey is a verdadero imbecil como dices, his whole ‘thing’ is about being rude and superior and swearing! And a misogynist! It’s a shame he represents us elsewhere in the world 😦

  3. que grosero !!! que bueno que le contesto el jay y la sofia , el arequipe es la cosa mas empalagosa del mundo pero hay muchisima gente que si les gusta, aqui lo he visto en muchos restaurantes

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