So many Leo’s, so little time (Happy Birthday Viv!)

In the first 4 days of August, I have wished a Happy Birthday to about 10 people on Facebook. What’s up with the August birthdays? It’s a very popular month.

Needless to say, I have a big Leo in my family (my sister Viv, who follows me in age) and 2 Virgos (my Dad and my other sis, Isabella.) So August is a very important month.

Since today is Viv’s birthday, I’d like to wish my sister a wonderful year of health, wealth, love and happiness. She is truly an incredible person, smart and beautiful and all that jazz, and also happens to be an amazing wife and mother. So here’s to Viv. Feliz Cumpleaños Sister!

Ahi te va una foto de la infancia para que te acuerdes de cuando haciamos “share” todos los juguetes (bueno casi todo.) Muchos besos. I love you very much.

Aqui estamos yo (izq.) y mi hermana (der.), compartiendo el juguete favorito: una caja de cartón! Pero parece que a mi sister no le gustaba hacer "share." Ademas, nuestro perro, el "Snoopy" sale en el background.

One thought on “So many Leo’s, so little time (Happy Birthday Viv!)

  1. Feliz Cumpleanos Viviana!!!
    Saludines a toda la familia Burgos =)
    Y que no se te olvide que el 30 de Agosto es dia de las Rosas y mi mama, mis hermanas y yo compartimos santo, ok????

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