The 99C Store goes organic! “Nopaltillas” anyone?

I’ve been raving about the 99Cents store for a while now. Some of you read my little “Ode to the 99Cents store” (click to read again) back in April 2009 when I was unemployed. Even though I am happily working again, I still shop there and I still love it.

Imagine my joy when these little gems showed up in the tortilla section. They are delicious and organic Nopal Tortillas, made in good ol’ Sylmar, California. They’re 50 calories each. Ingredients: Stone white corn kernels, 100% organic nopal, water, lime and vegetable extract. Están riquísimas! And I don’t feel that guilty about eating them. Además, disque tienen 12% dietary fiber, which is good enough for me.

I just hope they are healthier than regular tortillas because I'm replacing them already.

All natural Organic Nopal, que mas quieren?

Ni quiero decirles que ya las probamos y nos hicimos unas quesadillas con Gouda cheese…. ok so not exactly diet food, pero estuverieron perfectas para ver Mad Men tonight.

Hurray for the 99 cents store! Don’t you think? And if you want to contact Nopaltillas directly, you can call them at ” 1-877- MI NOPAL”. Love the hotline!

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