Un paseo por el Hollywood Walk of Fame

As I was reading the LA Times this weekend, I came across an interesting article about a man who polishes the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He does this for a living, every day, even with an amputated leg.

Read the story  here.

And see photos here.

I thought about contacting him to request he work his magic on the star of our beloved Cantinflas, which looks a little under the weather. About a week ago, my cousin Mariana and I went on a photo outing and mini-staycation to Hollywood and we saw it. We lamented the state of the star and the fact that it looks medio abandonada, ahi nomás fue a quedar en frente de un kinky negligé shop. Cantinflas would not be happy, chatos!

The star for Cantinflas on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is lacking a little shine.

We walked around a little more and found a mural I really had been wanting to shoot. It’s the famous “all star” mural that has the greatest stars from back in the day, from James Dean, John Wayne, Sophia Loren, Judy Garland, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, even Woody Allen. But we were so disappointed to see somebody had messed it up by adding graffiti to Marylin Monroe. So sad! Parece que ya nadie respeta nada.

El mural de los famosos en Hollywood. Marylin fue víctima del graffiti.

How can they do this to Marylin?

La Liz and Richard Burton, from their Cleopatra days.

James Dean and Sophia Loren in all their youth and beauty.

Then we walked around to the Kodak Theater and shot some more images. But I think the sun and the heat (over 100 degrees that day!) got to us. Not to mention the crowds of turists and weirdos jamming the Hollywood Strip. So we had to stop for a bit. Para no deshidratarnos llegamos por unas margaritas a La LoteriaGrill (super recomendable) y para no errarle también nos echamos un delicioso ice-cream de Chongos Zamoranos. You have to try it if you can before summer ends. It’s simply delicious.

Here are a few shots of a great day. Saludos a mi prima M., que es además una excelente fotografa. I think it runs in the family. See her blog here.

At the entrance of a legendary theater, the Egyptian.

Another beautiful mural, a total suprise. Honor a Dolores del Rio y todas sus películas. Para muchos, ella es la más famosa actriz mexicana. Lástima que también le rayaron su mural.

Turists and locals taking a little breather from the heat at the Kodak Theater outskirts.

A larger view from the Kodak Theater, facing Hollywood Blvd.

Get yourself over to La Loteria Grill (on Hollywood or Studio City) and ask for el helado de Chongos Zamoranos. The best and most authentic chongos this side of the Rio Grande. You will love it!

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