Haciendo el Sun Salutation Pose (a ver si asi nos sale el sol en CA)

Lina Navia, de Umbral Yoga, nos muestra el saludo al sol, una de las poses básicas del yoga.

(Confieso que he tenido ganas de empezar a practicar yoga. Everybody that practices it swears it makes a difference in their health and well being.)

I took this clip from youtube on my ipod and did it this morning at my local park. It’s the basic sun salutation pose with the cobra and the downward dog sequence. If you’ve never heard of them before, don’t panic. They are easy to follow.

There was no sun yet, since all we’ve had this summer, thus far, is gray days by the beach in California, but the exercise is simple and the result is nice. Kind of a baby step, it’s yoga for the rest of us.

Lina and Umbral Yoga just launched a great video DVD, in English and Español, and you can buy it here online. I am ordering my copy today.


Umbral Yoga DVD now on sale. English and Spanish. http://www.umbralyoga.com

3 thoughts on “Haciendo el Sun Salutation Pose (a ver si asi nos sale el sol en CA)

  1. Yoga es un ejercicio excelente!! Te lo recomiendo mil, ayuda a darte flexibilidad y a estabilizar tu mente, cuerpo y alma =) Y que mas decir de los beneficios a la salud!
    A mi me encanta!! En cuanto tenga trabajo me vuelvo a meter a practicala… jeje

  2. Apparently, hot yoga is extra good for you. Todos los beneficios de yoga, y también, you sweat a ton. I have heard that when you sweat that much (105 degrees/ 80% humidity/ 90 minutes), tu pelo empezar de funcionar como secundario kidney, b/c you sweat out lots of toxins.

  3. It’s a MUST! es buenisimo para complementar cualquier otro ejercicio….Kundalini yoga is excellent for the mindset and stress…it is less physically demanding…and Bikram it’s a lot harder (105F degrees) in a room with lots of humidity and it’s 11/2 hours…but well worth it…lots detox! las dos clases son muy diferentes la una de la otra pero las dos son excelentes para el diario vivir…..

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