Happens every 4 years, but totally worth it.

I’m really enjoying the first Saturday of the World Cup. Right now I’m between games, anticipating the US vs England match. A ver si no hay guamazos! The NY times has a good article about it today:

Read it here: www.nytimes.com

Also, I just finished my chilaquiles, cafecito and am browsing through this month’s Vanity Fair issue  for June 2010. Amazing photos of some of the best players. Get yourself a copy if you can.

Look at the beautiful pix by Annie Leibovitz on the front cover and the coolest ad (in my humble opinion) so far for the World Cup in the back cover. It’s for Louis Vuitton and the journeys series and has 3 LEGENDS of the game: Pelé, Zizou and Maradona. (You can see it also on louisvuittonjourneys.com)

Portada/Cover Vanity Fair 2010 by Annie Leibovitz on newstands now. (Hey, nice abs Cristiano!)

Back Cover also by Annie Leibovitz. Even more beautiful and frame worthy, if you happen to be a soccer fan.

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