Hey, Life in Spanglish is on the BBC!

About a month ago I was interviewed by the BBC London (online) for an article on Spanglish. A great reporter, Ana Lucía González, was researching the subject and came across my blog. She lives in London and speaks Spanish as well. Needless to say, I was flattered, but now that I see it online, I am over the moon! Gracias Ana Lucía!

Spanglish spoken here! Screenshot from the BBC article online.

Here’s a link to the article, from a very British point of view… ¿quien iba a decir que hasta los brits estaban interesados en el asunto? It’s a big cultural thing, I’m telling you. And don’t be afraid of Spanglish, it’s easy to use and won’t hurt anybody.

Gracias a todos los que han dejado sus comentarios y checado el blog, definitivamente es el dia mas “busy” de Life In Spanglish.

Here’s the link:


8 thoughts on “Hey, Life in Spanglish is on the BBC!

  1. Soy ingles. Estoy aprendiendo Espanol, es un articulo muy interesante.

    And it pointed me towards this blog!

    I couldn’t work out what this sentence meant though..
    ¿quien iba a decir que hasta los brits estaban interesados en el asunto?

      • I think its really interesting. I’m English and my wife Spanish (Valencia). We have two teenage boys. Both are pretty much bilingual; in fact the eldest was brought up truly biligual (I spoke only English to him, his Mum only Spanish) for the first year and a half of his life.

        We have often joked about ‘Spanglish’ which has come about through our inadvertent – or sometimes conscious – mixing of English and Spanish (and Valenciano too)

        Sadly, and to my shame, my Spanish is the poorest in the family. As I said in my previous comment on ‘Life in Spanglish’ I have reached a ‘plateau’ beyond which it seems impossible to progress, for a variety of reasons. However, as most of our friends and family in Spain speak English, we (they and I) tend to get by with varying ‘strengths’ of Spanglish depending on who I am struggling to converse with (and the extent of their patience) falling back on the good old hand signals and mime when all else fails.

        Until I came across your blog, I wasn’t aware that ‘Spanglish’ existed in the US in such a ‘stuctured/unstructured’ form (if you see what I mean) Although, of course that it does makes perfect sense.

        Uno de my favourite ejemplos of ‘Spanglish’ era my late father in law. Siempre come well and ademas was a great eater de fruta. In his ’80s, lo encontró por primera vez the ‘Kiwi’ fruit. Que le gustaron mucho, but he nunca podia get his head around the name. Siempre se llamó ‘Kuwait’ – as in the pais. So in his honour, in la familia, Kiwis are always referred to as ‘Kuwaits’ A mi parece a much cooler nombre!

        Me gusta mucho the visual style y ‘feel’ of your blog.

        Un abrazo,


  2. Hola

    I came here because of the article…

    Soy un Brit, interesado en el Spanglish as I’ve been living en España for 3 year now y casi solo hablo en Spanglish.

    Muy interesado también en los post that you’re going to write.

    Count on me as a new reader!

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