“Smash His Camera!” A Must watch documentary on HBO

If you love photography and celebrities (dos de mis vicios bastante conocidos) then you must see “Smash His Camera” on HBO. This is a recent documentary on the work of Ron Galella, the original Paparazzi and stalker photographer. Estuvo en Sundance this year and it was a hit. The title is perfect! Apparently, Jackie O was not too pleased with Mr. Galella and famously ordered one of her security agents to “smash his camera.”

Of course Galella’s most favorite subject was Jackie, and do you blame him? Look a this picture and tell me this isn’t an iconic image of a mythic woman. This image immediately makes you stop and analyze her. Which didn’t make her very happy because eventually she got a restraining order against him.

Jackie, 1971. Photo by Ron Gallela

But check it out for yourself. Go to the link below to watch the trailer and a slide show of wonderful photos. Ah! The beautiful people!

“Smash His Camera” on HBO.com

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