Margaritas anyone? Happy Cin-cou day May-ou!

Cinco de Mayo, the most beloved Gringo-Mexican holiday que ni siquiera se festeja en México falls on a weekday this year. Not to worry, the usual happy hour loving regulars will use it as an excuse to say Salud!! on Wednesday and drink up the most popular cocktail around, la Margarita.

For some reason Cinco de Mayo seems to be the unofficial Mexican holiday in the US. I happen to think that it’s all in the name:  it’s catchy, easy to pronounce (Sin-Cou Day May-ou!) y la gente se alborota toda when they hear mariachi music in the spring and drink a few margaras to their hearts content. So all in all everybody’s happy. (Para eso si se apuntan con las costumbres mexicanas, no? Luego no digan que instead of contributing, we “taketh” away…)

Pero un parentesis: As any honorable mexican knows, Cinco de Mayo is not the celebration of Mexican Independence Day. That’s until el 16 de Septiembre. Happened in 1810. And it’s a big year for Mexico this 2010: 200 years of of independence and 100 years since La Revolución de 1910. Pretty easy to remember if your got your Mexican history right. You would also know that Cinco de Mayo 1862 is when the Batalla de Puebla happened; a pretty impressive battle where Mexican troops (aided by Irish forces, no less!) overcame the French army invasion in Puebla, Mexico. Les ganamos! Pero la fiesta sólo duro 2 días, because the French later came back with a vengance. But that’s another story. Por eso pasa desapercibido en México.

My favorite tv show, CBS Sunday morning, had this great story yesterday and I’m happy they posted it to share. This is a little video about Tequila, explaining the long process, the agave plant, what makes it truly authentic mexican (la region de Jalisco). In short, why it’s an artesanal craft and why it’s just so damn delicious.

Remember this the next time you order a margarita, request the best tequila available. “Even the humble Margarita needs to be made with top notch tequila.” Cheers!

¡Viva México!

Click Link to video about the Tequila express:

2 thoughts on “Margaritas anyone? Happy Cin-cou day May-ou!

  1. I knew you had something to say this 5 de Mayo! I should print it and hand it out. Since yesterday, I’ve had 4 people ask/say oh what are you doing on you holiday ‘5 de Mayo’ and I go ‘actually we don’t celebrate it’ Pero en fin, it’s a good marketing technique, and if it reminds people of Mexicans in a good way, then so be it. I wonder how are they celebrating this day in Arizona?

  2. Hi, I have arrived to your blob searching for marathon info, ¿te lo puedes creer?, and I have found it really interesting. Con tu permiso I will follow you if you do not mind. I like the way you approach the things you comment and the mix between english and español. Regards from Spain, Canary Islands.

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