Take that Arizona!

¡Sí Se Puede!

It was a great weekend for all the marches Pro-Immigration Reform and against SB 1070. I have a feeling this time it’s going to be different, you’ll see! (See pictures on the link above.)

In the meantime my good friend Marisol sent me these, that I am reposting so you can laugh a little este san lunes por la mañana.

Este taxista tambien puede discriminar. Sorry Arizona! No hay servicio para usted:

Take that Arizona! Someone in Mexico took this picture, went viral on facebook and now it's here.

Yep! That's what it seems like. (By Mike Keefe)

Verdad. (Cartton by Fitz Simmons)

2 thoughts on “Take that Arizona!

  1. Buenisima la foto del taxista!!!!
    =) Jajajaja.
    Asi se hace Mexico!! No les den servicio ni les compremos nada a los de Arizona, a ver que sienten ellos tambien, no??

  2. oyes…que risa con lo del officer and the swatches….lol..que barbaridad..a lo que hemos llegado…..my God they seem to forget what this country was founded on!

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