Bravo Ricky Martin!

Big news today. By now you’ve probably heard that Ricky Martin admitted he is gay, setting the blogs, web, and gossip tabloids crazy with comments. Most were kind, some were tolerant and a few facebook friends/acquaintances from Mexico were just plain rude and mean. And they know who they are.

No, most of us were not surprised and most of us suspected it… And most of us don’t care! I mean, have you heard his music lately, again? He is very talented, has great songs and seems to be a very decent human being all around. Why should it be our business if he decides to come out or not? He really didn’t have to say anything, but for some reason he felt he had to do it and I’m happy for him. He must feel free and relieved.

Last week I had a chance to photograph a great event hosted by the APLA (AIDS PROJECT Los Angeles) held at Macy’s Beverly Center. Mayc’s Inc. presented them with a 100K check in donation to their services to provide assistance to people with AIDS. (It’s a great organization and you should support them if you can:

I was struck by the support and friendship (and great fashion sense) gay men have among each other. It’s a good thing to see. I only hope they would someday have all the rights granted to them as to heterosexuals. They should be able to live a fully equal life, just like everybody else. (Y que verguenza para Paquita la del Barrio, Yuri, Esteban Arce y toda la bola de ignorantes famosos en Mexico, que opinan lo contrario. Me dan pena ajena!)

So bravo Ricky Martin. Good for you. Ya era hora.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put “La Bomba” on my iPod and dance around the house in your honor. “Sube Sube Que la Bomba Va!”

2 thoughts on “Bravo Ricky Martin!

  1. Yay Ricky! I totally agree… Who cares if he is gay! The world should be more open to the fact that everyone is different and wants to live the life they choose. As we say “Que me mantienen? for all those people who have nasty things to say about how people should live or act. Kudos Ricky and be happy with your adorable twin boys.

  2. Thanks for putting this video up amiga! what a treat! I am very happy for him….nothing like being able to be yourself. I feel that part of his decision has to be that he wants to be out and date whoever he wants without having to hide…ya es tiempo, se me hace que ya se enamoro…. un buen taco de ojo! xoxo

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