At the 19th Annual Hope Conference in LA

Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) is a great organization of women who work for opportunities and empowerment for Hispanics in los Angeles. I had the good fortune of attending their 19th annual HOPE Conference last March 12 and I can honestly say it has made a profound impact in my life.

The conference had something for every woman who wants to improve their community, start and grow their own business, network with successful women entrepreneurs and be inspired all around. Everybody who attended generated a feeling of amazing accomplishments, de verdad todas nos sentíamos inspiradas por todo lo que podemos hacer las mujeres en este pais. The sky is the limit. YOU can make it happen.

There were conferences and keynote speakers throughout the day, where you could choose from among a panel of accomplished speakers. The event was a total success, sold out with over 800 women attending the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in downtown. And to mark the occasion, the city of Los Angeles even designated March 12 as “Latina History Day” so you can imagine we were all very proud of this.

It is worth noting the sponsors of the event, which I will mention because you may want to support them with your business if you can. They are giving back to the community and it does make a difference. Special thanks to Macy’s Inc, for inviting me to come to this. I can’t say this enough: Macy’s does so much for the community, you should really think about shopping there more often. The major sponsors were Wells Fargo, Estee Lauder, and Farmer’s Insurance.

If you’d like to find out more about HOPE and go to their conference next year, visit and join their organization.

Over 800 women attended the 19t Annual HOPE Conference at the Biltmore Hotel in LA.

Sponsors of the event included Wells Fargo, Farmer's Insurance, Estee Lauder cosmetics and MACY'S.

Latina entrepreneurs mingle between conferences at the beautiful Biltmore hotel.

With Mandalit del Barco from NPR. Best woman reporter EVER. Seriously, listen to her stories on your local NPR station and you too will be in awe of her. She was one of the keynote speakers and brought us to tears with her reports from Haiti and her personal story. I had to take a photo with her! (Mandalit is the one in gray, I am on the left.)

Career advice, financial advice, business start-ups, networking, growing a successful business, and more themes were presented at HOPE.

Latinas on a mission! The panelists for the workshop titled "Extreme Makeovers: Entrepreneurial Edition" include Luisa Acosta-Franco from Farmer's Insurance, Deborah Deras from Synergy Unlimited, Jennifer Alvarez from Farmer's Insurance, and Nancy Marmolejo from Viva Visibility.

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