“Latinas Doing Extraordinary Things”

In case you need a little inspiration to go out and follow the direction of your dreams and make them happen, here’s a wonderful video the good people at Farmer’s Insurance put together.

It was shown at an amazing event for women, the 19th Annual HOPE Conference in LA, which was held on Friday.

And by the way, March 12th has now been officially proclaimed as Latina History Day by the City of Los Angeles.

Feeling inspired!! Hay que echarle ganas amigas!

2 thoughts on ““Latinas Doing Extraordinary Things”

  1. Buenisimo Cristy!!!
    Can I put it in my blog too?
    Super inspirador a seguir adelante sin importar las dificultades que se nos presenten en el camino.
    A echar pa’lante como diria mi papa y sin nunca mirar atras!!!

  2. Me has transmitido la inspiracion Cristy! Este video esta precioso! Gracias por ponerlo en tu blog, que por cierto esta buenisimo tambien y siempre le doy una “checadita”



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