In love with… RIVERA.

Have you ever arrived at a restaurant and you just know you’re going to love it? This happened as soon as we walked into RIVERA Restaurant, last Friday night. The mood, the vibe, the people, the design…it all greets you and you just know, this must be the place!

Continuing with our nightly festivities (after this episode) and already pushing towards Cinderella midnight hour (cuando uno empieza a divertirse más en lugar de perder el encanto) Rivera was booming and still going strong with their late night bar and menu.

We were seated at the beautiful Sangre room and took a look at the menu. And how can you not love a menu en español that describes starter plates as PRÓLOGOS (what a beautiful word!) and among their snacks offers tortillas florales, as in FLOWER not flour…and something I have never seen outside Yucatán, mayan names/ingredients like XNIPEK: charred habanero salsa and chips.

But the most favorite aspect was the attention to detail, the way design and good taste are combined with delicious dishes. Very exciting! I especially swooned over the Torta Xocolata (chocolate torte with drunken pineapple…sin palabras) and the crema catalana. And don’t even get me started on the cocktails…buenísimos!

There is much more to say about the amazing experience, made all the more pleasant by the wonderful company of friends, but I’d rather share these images, from the restaurant’s website, and just one by yours truly.

I’d passed this place countless times on my daily commute through the metro blue line and dreamed of living up on one the new and super cool lofts on Flower street, just by LA Live and Staples Center. And now I just wish I could live there so Rivera could be my neighborhood bar and restaurant. And you’d be my guest!

Visit Rivera. It’s defintely a Keeper!

1050 South Flower Street, LA, 90015

You're going to love this place. Rivera Restaurant exterior.

The mood at Rivera.

Every plate is decorated by hand. Maybe the INS will demand their trademark image, but you can't deny this is clever. Caution with the Chile!

Torta Xocolata. Am Speechless...

A few of the signature drinks.

7 thoughts on “In love with… RIVERA.

  1. Wow, ok, cuando este alla, (summertime), tenemos que ir a cenar ahi, and I’ll be wearing a very inappropriate cleavage to show off the twins.
    Que buenos amigos tienes que te llevan a lugares tan padres! Un abrazo!

  2. Very useful post, thanks a lot. Nice blog as well! I might start my own blog shortly, do you have any advice? Whats the best host to use, Blogger or Blog engine? Brittny Sherill

  3. I must try! mi “lulu” esta muy feliz y te da las gracias por hacer el “research” por nosotras 😉 xoxo

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