“Provecho”: never going back.

Big thumbs down to Provecho, a “Mexican fusion” restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, which opened about a year ago.

Don’t get me wrong, the place is beautiful, the food is acceptable, our waiter Bryan was very pleasant, but the dinner experience that was going superbly turned into a big disappointment. Let me explain.

My dear friends had invited me to drinks and dinner to celebrate my birthday- again, yes still celebrating!- and they chose this spot on Wilshire and Flower in LA.

Never coming back here.

The evening started nicely at the bar. The cocktails were tangy, well served and original and we were excited about the place. Perfect spanish was spoken, con acento mexicano, y había buenos elementos para el “people watching”.

Two little cocktails sitting at the bar...

Once we were seated at our table, we were informed that there would be a private party at 10pm and we would have to leave by 9:50pm. It was already 8thirtyish…

This did not go over well. My friends had made a reservation two weeks in advance. They did not so much as get a call or confirmation email 24 hours before the reservation, as is typically the case with well run restaurants or establishments.

Obviously we were irritated by this, but since we were already seated, we proceeded to go over the menu. I mean, you’re NOT going to throw us out during dinner, right? Especially if we are ordering appetizers and several big item entreés to share “family style”.

Provecho has a varied menu, seafood ceviche, lamb, prime rib, and a good pork belly appetizer which was one of the highlights. But little did we know that after our main course was hastily served, our waiter had been commissioned to ask us to leave. We were not even halfway into the meal. We then asked for his manager and the chef Gabriel Morales. Only the manager came in, so we voiced our displeasure, stated their poor manners in trying to throw us out and politely requested more time to finish our meal, even at the bar if we had to! It didn’t work, and we didn’t even get compensated for this!

I mean, we were in the $250 plus range  for dinner, one of our friends had brought in two bottles of beautiful wine (A Concha y Toro Terrunya from Chile, thank you very much!) and we didn’t plan on taking a doggie bag home. But they only offered a lame apology: they were sorry that they could not diss the party coming in, which turned out to be a bunch of frat boys from USC (which only made us angrier!) If they thought we were going to be OK in leaving a good meal so a bunch of sorority brats can enjoy this space, then they have another thing coming.

I only have this blog to rant, so here it goes: we will NEVER ever return to Provecho and we will tell everyone we know. Don’t go there! It’s overpriced, adds too much “chilito TAJIN” to spice up the seafood and serves undercooked prime rib. It was pratically served raw by the chef so we could get out of there sooner. This combined with poor courtesy and manners by the managing staff means Provecho LA has a big TACHA (no-no) in our books. And we have big books! And Twitter accounts, and facebook profiles, and friends in HIGH places. (No por ser presumida, pero si es cierto eh!)

Alas they practically threw us out. However, the evening ended on a high note (which will be added later to this blog) when we proceeded to Rivera. But more on that coming soon.

Here are 2 shots from our dinner, previous to our exit:

Some of our appetizers included: ceviche, sashimi and pork belly. They added too much Tajin chile en polvo if you ask me.

Would you leave this meal unfinished? Concha y Toro Terrunya Carmenere, lamb, scallops and prime rib. Practically untouched!

5 thoughts on ““Provecho”: never going back.

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  2. que maaaaaal servicio!
    porque no les dieron otra mesa por lo menos? can’t u sue them? ya ves que en USA de todo puedes demandar jaja…
    tanta gente con hambre en este mundo y ellos haciendo que desperdicien comida…!!! mal mal mal.

    Llevame al Rivera 🙂

  3. I was completely floored…I mean, with the way the economy is, it’s not like any restaurant has the luxury to treat customers in that manner .I will never support that type of behavior and customer service… wait! WHAT customer service?!?! It’s a shame and totally unacceptable. I’m sorry my friend – we’ll have to find another new hot spot to frequent… I vote for Rivera, Bottega Louie or Church and State – – all offer an amazing atmosphere, delish food and the best drinks I’ve ever had! Shame on Provecho!

  4. Sorry to hear about this amiguis ;( nothing worse than to go want to celebrate and llenar la pancita with yummy food only to find out business owners forget who they need to be in good standings with in order to be successful! I’m sure that you are not the first or the last this will be done to…karma is a #%^$% I tell you….

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