Eva Mendes presents “Vida for España” at Macy’s

Fans turn out to support and meet Eva Mendes, who was all smiles as she presented her "Vida for España" collection.

Add another checkmark to the list of credits for Eva Mendes, actress, model and now designer. Last week she made an appearance at Macy’s Home Store South Coast Plaza to introduce her new tabletop* collection “Vida for España” by Eva Mendes. Yes, Spanglish used yet again for brand names all around. (* By the way,  what do you call “vajillas”? I was kind of stumped when thinking about a translation, anybody have another word?)

Turns out, Eva is quite a crowd pleaser and the event had a great turnout. Some fans even arrived at 9 am to get in line. The paparazzi went nuts!  She was very sweet, signed every autograph, posed for pictures, even had a chance to say hello to family friends, Macy’s personnel and Costa Mesa police officers who were only so happy to be there.

During the one-on-one interviews for media outlets, Eva spoke in perfect Spanish, con acento cubano, and I think everybody was surprised to learn how down to earth she is.

She mentioned the inspiration for the designs came from her memories growing up and how her mother made sure important moments were celebrated with nice settings and wonderful food. “No teníamos muchas cosas, ni mucho dinero para comprar cosas elegantes, pero lo que teníamos era especial y mi mamá hacía que todo luciera bonito. Y eso es lo que quiero, que las cosas sean accesibles para todos, porque las cosas finas no tienen porque ser caras y todo el mundo debe poder comprarlas.”

The collection is exclusive to Macy’s. You can see it at Macys.com. It runs between $16 and $50 dollars, good for everyday use and also for entertaining, is hand painted and very colorful. Personally I thought it was kind of inspired by the Talavera designs from Puebla, Mexico, although someone later pointed out that it looks like something you would see in Istanbul or the Middle East. It’s a sign of the times, when the buzz word is “multicultural” and you can’t quite place where something is from, but you still like it.

I think the only objection of the day was the outfit. The photographers were setting up for the diva and sexy back shot, but no luck. Se quedaron con las ganas…

¿Que pasó Eva? Looking totally innocent and demure in her Christian Lacroix dress, there was no sexy Eva in sight. Maybe the papz were a little disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Eva Mendes presents “Vida for España” at Macy’s

  1. I was lucky to meet Eva at the South Coast Plaza. There’s no doubt Eva is sexy, but I saw another side of her, fresh, juvenile, yes inocent and very sweet. She took time to shake hands and talk to people. I brought home some of her tabletop collection and we all love it. Vajilla=china, tableware. I think it was her time to be herself and show the people how she really is, work is work but behind the sexy woman she is, there’s no doubt, a very kind, sweet and amazing persona. Otro orgullo nuestro.

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