Hola 2010

Hello and Happy New Year…just getting up from the festivities of last night and trying to make my resolutions happen. One of them being keeping up with the blog, of course.

My sister Romy was visiting from Mexico DF this week, y me dejó este recuerdito, un billete de cien pesos, that looks and feels like play money because it’s made out of really thin plastic, but nevertheless has beautiful art. So I thought I’d share, porque también es la edición especial del centenario de la revolución mexicana, que tal?

May you have muchos pesos, dollars, euros and love and kisses this 2010… yes, “Love is all you need” como cantan los Beatles, but money makes the world go round. Después de este año pasado, ahora sí ya es hora de  que venga la abundancia para todos. Feliz Año Nuevo!

Both sides of a beautiful billete de 100 pesos, shiny and new, and it's made out of plastic, not paper. ¡Qué modernos!

3 thoughts on “Hola 2010

  1. chula, happy new year!!! Honestly, feeling a bit hesitant on the ‘happy’ part of the greating, or is it the fact that it’s a new year, not the past one, the one we kind of knew how it worked, the one we knew how to survive … I proudly felt I could be represented by the phrase “surprise me!” but I’m slowly losing the love for the phrase, after closing a difficult year with a terrible 5.9, I think I now prefer “more of the same, no surprises for me, I have a heart problem…” or anything that might excuse me from the unknown or unexpected… or maybe it’s that I’m getting older and not wiser, but easily scared!!!! not a cheery outlook, HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?! It’s definitely the unknown…I’ll take it slow, day by day, something 2009 showed me… hugs and kisses, sweetie!!!!

  2. Sister, fijate bien en el billete por un lado dice una frase: es letra super mini que esta mal escrita…a ver si le encuentras, lo tienes que checar con lupa casi casi…. te lo dejo de tarea jajajaja y si parece dinero del juego Monopoly!!!

    Happy New Year…veras que este 2010 sera super bueno para todos, *i have faith* (lol)

    luv u.

  3. Que buena onda. El billetito esta increible. De verdad que Mexico no se queda nada atras en la tecnologia del desarrollo de los billetes. Esta mas bonito que los aussie y nz dollars =) hehe

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