Dear Oprah..¿Y ahora quien podrá ayudarnos?

Now that she’s announced that she’s ending her show in 2011, la Oprah Winfrey will be missed! She’s been a permanent fixture in my tv schedule, desde que estaba como en el 8th grade, y además she’s been my therapist, life coach, stylist, diet buddy and best friend on tv. Sure, we’ve had our moments and falling outs, pero she’s always been there for me. So I am still in withdrawal/denial about this news and trying to deal with it.

Here’s a clip I found on a blog I usually read: They did a very funny mash (un mix) of the somewhat annoying, but very original way que tiene de presentar a los celebrities en su show. Click on the link below. Check it out and enjoy the flashback. Look at all those hairstyles!

Oprah: 25 years of screaming celebrity names.

One thought on “Dear Oprah..¿Y ahora quien podrá ayudarnos?

  1. hasta tuvo al John Jr…!!!
    porque se esta retirando del programa?? es como que mmm le va super bien no?

    lo hace en Los Angeles? deberiamos de ir antes de que termine la temporada que sigue!!

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