Riding the “Sushi-Torta” Express, Metro Gold Line

metrogoldline map

Finally Open!

No hay fecha que no se llegue ni plazo que no se cumpla, the saying goes, and after a five year, 898 million dollar investment, ¿que creen? Hoy fue el grand opening del Metro Gold Line Extension, que llega all the way to East L.A., desde Pasadena with stops in downtown and Little Tokyo. It was something to celebrate, especially after hearing all about it since the summer. I had a free afternoon on Sunday and curiosity to spare, so I embarked on an East LA trip, armed with my restaurant by the metro-foodie map courtesy of the L.A. Times (which had great coverage….and I must tip my hat to them because the term Sushi-Torta Express is used on one of their  articles online.)

Little did I know, everyone and their kids also had similar plans for a Sunday evening. Que voy llegando a Union Station…. Omaigod! Cuanta gente! The Metro Gold Line was packed with angelenos happy to finally ride the extension into the barrio, and happier to know there were free rides all day. There was a line about 60 minutes long, down the hallways of Union Station, then up the stairs through the tracks. It was almost as packed as any station in Mexico City, with the difference that you did not fear getting mugged. (Sorry D.F.)

First you stood in line down the hallway, then up the stairs to board the train.

First you stood in line, then went up the stairs to board the metro.

When you got to the tracks, it felt as if you were going to a party, well actually you were because at the Mariachi Plaza Station (yes, that’s one of the names) había kermesse y mariachis tocando en vivo, para hacerle honor al nombre. There were festivities all along the extension line, hasta llegar a Atlantic Boulevard, where people had to exit and make a line again to get back.

metrogoldline more crowds

Más líneas, pero la gente estaba de muy buen humor.

Next time I have more free time, I’ll do the full excursion. I love eating sushi in Little Tokyo and Serenata de Garibaldi at First Street is one of my favorite places for Mexican food, and both are along the Gold Line, with many more places to choose from.

My favorite name along the route is “Maravilla”…isn’t that a nice name? Reminds me of a movie I like called “Next Stop Wonderland” that has a subway plot…pero me desvio del tema como siempre. If anybody wants to come along, let me know, a ver si nos vamos organizando un foodie tour.

Here are the links to the articles form the L.A. Times:



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