It’s Lopez Tonight…shouldn’t I be laughing?

I thought I was the only one who was trying too hard to enjoy George Lopez’  new show premiere “Lopez Tonight” last night on TBS. But apparently, the reviews are in and they are mixed. Although he is beloved by many in the entertainment/celebrity world, it appears he has yet to convince us as his comedy routine tries to evolve from the latino/ethnic/lifestyle references. The “abuela” jokes are starting to get old. The stereotypes are also getting a bit rude, if you ask me.

I’m sure some diehard latino fans would beg to differ, but at least we get a chance to dissect him on late night tv. It is a good thing to have a Latino celebrity with his own tv show on a major network, don’t get me wrong, but it needs to be funnier if he’s competing with Letterman, Jay, Conan, etc. Otherwise it’s just bad comedy. With a Latino twist.

For the first show, Eva Longoria stopped by …yawn…(aren’t you tired of seeing her everywhere?) as did Kobe Bryant and Carlos Santana. Kobe’s cursing abilities en español are very impressive! He actually said “como me ch…ga este cabrón” to fellow Laker Derek Fisher, also on the show. Check out the link below on minute 6:31. It’s a long video.

Here’s a review by a blogger/writer I really like, Laura Martinez, who writes for AdAge magazine and also blogs on “Mi Blog Es Tu Blog”.

I Might Be Mexican, but I Don’t Have to Like ‘Lopez Tonight’
Comedian Trots Out Tired, Unfunny Ethnic Humor

November 10, 2009

And the Hollywood Reporter says it has room for improvement:

Next week I have tickets to a taping of the show, so we’ll see how that goes and share more info then. Maybe he’ll do a better job with the jokes.

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