Amo a Cafe Tacvba.

Los Cafe Tacuba se lucieron bailando. Me recordaron a Menudo, pero con musica alternativa.

Y yo que creía que esta semana no tendría de qué escribir. Pero resulta que su humilde servidora tuvo la suerte de ganarse unos boletos en SuperEstrella 107.1FM (la primera vez que me gano boletos “on air”) y el martes nos lanzamos* al concierto del Cafe Tacuba en el Club Nokia. Por cierto que si no han ido al nuevo LA Live en downtown, dense una vuelta, se van a soprender de lo divertido que está y de lo mucho que hay que hacer. Además el “people watching” está para darse un taco de ojo…

Pero volviendo al tema. Cafe Tacuba es uno de esos grupos que no te das cuenta que te gustan tanto hasta que los oyes y te acuerdas de todas las canciones que te sabes, que cantabas desde los noventas, y del rango de música que tocan y componen. ¡Son unos genios! Y aunque siempre he tenido sus discos, tenía rato que no los escuchaba en vivo. Fue una sorpresa super agradable, ya que este concierto es por sus 20 años de carrera. Tocaron y bailaron de todos sus greatest hits. A mi me encanta lo más nuevo, especialmente la de “Volver a Comenzar” y las del disco de Cuatro Caminos, pero habia muchos “die hard fans” que se volvieron locos con las viejitas como la de “Rarotonga”, “Las Flores” y otras de back in the day.

Fue un super concierto y baile muchisimo. Me encantó que el cantante principal, que cada rato se cambia el nombre pero creo que se llama Rubén, nos saludó al principio con su español chilango de tepito…”Qué paso chavos? Se vinieron con ganas de echar desmadre?” y todos gritamos: Síiiiii!! Eso sí, aquí con estos fans no hubo nada de Spanglish, todo fue en español. Además nos tocó ver a su quinto integrante, el maestro Alejandro Flores, y saludar a otro maestro, Gustavo Santolalla, que ha tocado con ellos antes, pero ahora fue de fan. Es un lindo y es super amable.

Cafe Tacuba apenas empieza su gira, les recomiendo que los vean si pueden.

**Gracias a mi amiguita Yarel y a mi amiguita Martha, que no se sentía muy bien pero me acompañó con muchas ganas.

Rubén nos invito a "echar desmadre" desde que empezó el concierto.

Dear Oprah..¿Y ahora quien podrá ayudarnos?

Now that she’s announced that she’s ending her show in 2011, la Oprah Winfrey will be missed! She’s been a permanent fixture in my tv schedule, desde que estaba como en el 8th grade, y además she’s been my therapist, life coach, stylist, diet buddy and best friend on tv. Sure, we’ve had our moments and falling outs, pero she’s always been there for me. So I am still in withdrawal/denial about this news and trying to deal with it.

Here’s a clip I found on a blog I usually read: They did a very funny mash (un mix) of the somewhat annoying, but very original way que tiene de presentar a los celebrities en su show. Click on the link below. Check it out and enjoy the flashback. Look at all those hairstyles!

Oprah: 25 years of screaming celebrity names.

Nuevos Amigos

It’s funny how sometimes great things happen when you least plan for them. Last Thursday my friend Karla B. and I went to the Improv in Hollywood for a Tonight Show showcase where Bill Santiago and other comedians were performing.

The show lasted about 90 minutes and there were some great laughs. Yo digo que Bill fue el mejor de todos.  After the show ended, we thought we were calling it a night…until somehow, people were introduced, plans were made, location was set and transportation was underway to Barney’s Beanery.

We had a blast! Dinner, drinks, laughs and at the end of the night, new friends. Who knew?

Karla, Bill, Dan, Danny and José…thanks for a lovely time. I’m still laughing!

At Barney's Beanery, what a great night!


Este Jueves Vamos al Improv Comedy Lab!

Dear LA Amigos and readers, want to catch a free comedy show on Thursday at The Melrose Improv Comedy Lab?

Pues resulta que va a haber un “Tonight Show Showcase” del show del Conan O’Brian and our friend Bill Santiago (see post below) is going to be there. Let’s go! Here’s the info:

The Tonight Show Showcase: This Thursday, November 19, 8:30 PM @ the Melrose Improv Comedy Lab.  Hosted by Jimmy Pardo with Rob Delaney, Erin Foley, Chris D’Elia, Christina Paszitsky,  Freddy Lockhart,  Melinda Hill, Dov Davidoff, Julius Sharpe, Dwayne Perkins, & Bill Santiago.

Melrose Improv Comedy Lab

Street or valet parking.  Entrance is in the parking lot just east of the main entrance.
Vamos a echarle porras al Bill! See you there!

Improv Comedy Lab on Melrose. Photo from

Bill Santiago is my new favorite comedian and linguistics professor.


Bill Santiago es lo máximo en Spanglish. Read this book

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting al Rey del Spanglish himself, Mr. Bill Santiago.  Bill had a great comedy set at the  Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, y después lo fui a saludar. I recently bought this excellent book called “Pardon My Spanglish, One Man’s Guide to Speaking The Habla,” which he wrote, and was intrigued to meet him.

Bill is the first person to accurately define what it means to be a Spanglish speaker. He describes, in very funny and clever terms, what it’s like to think and speak in 2 languages al mismo tiempo, all while conjugating verbs, mixing idioms, cultural references and even our little idiosyncracies. And the title says “Pardon..” pero no creo que sea muy apologetic al respecto. ¡Lo promueve con mucho gusto! So I was very happy he signed my book and gave me a copy of his dvd from his special on Comedy Central, clips you can also see here.

So here’s my recommendation to all of my Spanglish speaking amiguitos and visitors to this blog: Go get this book on Amazon. You will be laughing out loud with every page. It’s great writing. Very funny stuff!

This morning on the Gold Line Metro to Pasadena on my way to work, people were looking over probably thinking “¿Y pues ésta que lee?” Es que me moría de la risa, está super chistoso.


Back cover text menciona a Ponce de Leon, Ricky Martin, Cesar Chavez y Dora la Exploradora.

Here’s the link to Amazon so you can get the book.

You can also find it on  his website: plus see his calendar and next locations for his standup.

bill santiago

Foto con mi nuevo amigo, Bill Santiago.

Riding the “Sushi-Torta” Express, Metro Gold Line

metrogoldline map

Finally Open!

No hay fecha que no se llegue ni plazo que no se cumpla, the saying goes, and after a five year, 898 million dollar investment, ¿que creen? Hoy fue el grand opening del Metro Gold Line Extension, que llega all the way to East L.A., desde Pasadena with stops in downtown and Little Tokyo. It was something to celebrate, especially after hearing all about it since the summer. I had a free afternoon on Sunday and curiosity to spare, so I embarked on an East LA trip, armed with my restaurant by the metro-foodie map courtesy of the L.A. Times (which had great coverage….and I must tip my hat to them because the term Sushi-Torta Express is used on one of their  articles online.)

Little did I know, everyone and their kids also had similar plans for a Sunday evening. Que voy llegando a Union Station…. Omaigod! Cuanta gente! The Metro Gold Line was packed with angelenos happy to finally ride the extension into the barrio, and happier to know there were free rides all day. There was a line about 60 minutes long, down the hallways of Union Station, then up the stairs through the tracks. It was almost as packed as any station in Mexico City, with the difference that you did not fear getting mugged. (Sorry D.F.)

First you stood in line down the hallway, then up the stairs to board the train.

First you stood in line, then went up the stairs to board the metro.

When you got to the tracks, it felt as if you were going to a party, well actually you were because at the Mariachi Plaza Station (yes, that’s one of the names) había kermesse y mariachis tocando en vivo, para hacerle honor al nombre. There were festivities all along the extension line, hasta llegar a Atlantic Boulevard, where people had to exit and make a line again to get back.

metrogoldline more crowds

Más líneas, pero la gente estaba de muy buen humor.

Next time I have more free time, I’ll do the full excursion. I love eating sushi in Little Tokyo and Serenata de Garibaldi at First Street is one of my favorite places for Mexican food, and both are along the Gold Line, with many more places to choose from.

My favorite name along the route is “Maravilla”…isn’t that a nice name? Reminds me of a movie I like called “Next Stop Wonderland” that has a subway plot…pero me desvio del tema como siempre. If anybody wants to come along, let me know, a ver si nos vamos organizando un foodie tour.

Here are the links to the articles form the L.A. Times:,0,3095130.story,0,4084038.story

No, eHarmony, I really don’t want to meet Lupillo.

Internet dating…ahh the digital possibility of finding al amor de tu vida con unos cuantos clicks. Sorry to say it has not worked out for me, yet, even though I hear amazing love stories of destiny fulfilled, lovebirds finding each other on cyberspace and happy couples about to tie the knot. Last year, inspired by one of those cutesy, corny, white background filmed, “this will be” soundtracked TV spots with real couples, I signed up for eHarmony for the modest sum of $59.99 a month. (The Great Recession hadn’t hit me yet.)

I spent about 2 hours answering all the questionnaires con la idea de que realmente me iban a hacer “match” con mi soulmate. ¡Pero no! It didn’t take long to notice that I wasn’t obtaining the desired results, so I quit after 6 months…(you do the math! Ya quisiera esa inversión de petty cash hoy en dia, but that’s another story.) So I proceeded to delete all my photos and my account only to find out my info can’t be erased entirely.  Según yo, I had deleted everything I could, but somehow my profile still exists. And after 12 months, I am once again suddenly receiving annoying messages like this: MEET LUPILLO, from Santa Ana.


Actual eHarmony message, unsolicited and very annoying.

Needless to say, I’m not signing up for eHarmony again, but this made me laugh. The only Lupillo I know from Santa Ana is a bald, big mustached singer de musica regional mexicana a quien le gusta emborracharse on stage as he sings with mariachi and banda and curses to his hearts’ content. He also has a reputation for a few failed marriages and kids on child support all over the place. Además, if that weren’t enough, he has a very complicated sister named Jenni Rivera, who also sings with mariachi and banda, fights with other singers like Graciela Beltran only for publicity and wears tacky clothing. Finísimas personas, no? Imagine those family get togethers! So I think I’ll pass on this catch of the day… Although, People en Español named him one of the most beautiful people this year… Don’t ask me why…se acuerdan de este post?

Así que yo cuestiono, cuestiono mucho ese “scientific method” based on the “29 dimensions of compatibility” (en serio!!) that they advertise on their site. I think it’s a hoax, especially since all the matches I get are ” Juan” from Pico Rivera, “Jose” from the City of Duarte, “Carlos” from the City of Bell, “Francisco” from Lancaster…do you see a trend here?  Of course since my subscription is cancelled, I can’t actually meet any of these people, but I still get all those notes, y ahora hasta se me olvidó el password para entrar y volver a cancelar mi cuenta.