ENE-BE-A.com just in time for the basketball season

Ready for the basketball season to get in full swing? (Go Lakers!) Just in time for the season starters tonight, the NBA recently launched a new campaign to reach latino basketball lovers and make us part of the game. Por fin they realized just how much we follow the sport! The effort by the NBA to engage us en español starts off with a full Spanish website called: ENE-BE-A… which probably doesn’t make sense to your typical anglo or spanglish speaking buddy, but to someone in Chihuahua, Mexico or Valencia, Spain who follows the sport, and doesn’t speak English, it’s music to their ears.

What do you think of the name Ene-be-a? It is the literate and accurate translation of NBA (something you don’t see often in other translations) and at first the spelling is confusing, but I guess over time we’ll get used to proper Spanish (at least for this) and pronounce las siglas en español, como deberia ser.

The site is very well put together with interesting info and stats. You can tell they made the effort to get us to become fans and follow all the Hispanic players on the NBA. Did you know there are 18 hispanic players on different NBA teams? You can see their pictures and a little bio. Solo conocía a Eduardo Nájera, de México, los hermanos españoles Pau y Marc Gasol, y el argentino Manu Ginobili…pero hay más. Some cute ones too!

Here’s the link and a screen shot to the site. Now if you excuse me, I’m going back to the Laker opener. I feel a repeat this year, verdad Pau y Kobe?


All things basketball, en español, on www.nba.com/enebea

All things basketball en español are now found on nba.com/espanol


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