Thalia pone a bailar a Obama con Amor a la Mexicana

The White House hosted a little get together this week for all famous Latinos. Aptly named Fiesta Latina (how original!) the party/PBS special invited the typical latino names de rigeur and usual suspects: you had your Marc Anthony’s and Jlo’s, your JimmySmits, el George Lopez, la Eva Longoria, los Estefan, etc etc. Los tipicos que nunca faltan y que tan bien nos representan (ok, most of them do a good job but I am so tired of having Jlo at every party.)

Pero la Thalia se pasó de lista! She knew she was going to be all over Youtube and CNN, not to mention Televisa, et al, when she politely asked Mrs. Obama if she could ask her husband to dance. Como no le encanta el baile al presidente, ¿pues cómo se iba a resistir?

You can tell Mr. Obama is a great dancer, and surely he checked Mrs. Mottola out while he was dancing. Something that did not go unnoticed by Michelle! (Don’t mess with her Thalia!) Si no chequen el video, cuando Obama regresa a la mesa,  and Michelle just gives him the cold smile/shoulder without looking at him. I can just imagine her inside voice saying “¿Ah si? Esperate nomas que lleguemos a la Casa (blanca)…ahorita vas a ver!”

Fiesta Latina special airs on PBS on Oct. 15th. Check your local listings!

And where does Thalia get off calling Obama a macho? Cómo se atreve? That is not a compliment, ok. What do you think?

Here’s the video from youtube:

UPDATE:: From Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel. I told you so!!

Jimmy Kimmel agrees!

2 thoughts on “Thalia pone a bailar a Obama con Amor a la Mexicana

  1. Que cura! Me encantó tu ‘Entertainment news update with a little somethin’ somethin” from you. It’s better than Fox news! Y si, ni al caso ‘macho’ yo creo que no se le ocurrió otra cosa, ni modo que le diga ‘papucho’ o algo así? Que comparado con su Mottola, pues esta más joven alto y guapo….

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