Julia Fever!

It's a wonderful world of books inspired by Julia! The display is called "What Would Julia Do?"

It's a wonderful world of books inspired by Julia! The display is called "What Would Julia Do?"

If you’re a fan of good movies, good food and the good life, do yourself a little favor and go see “Julie and Julia” soon. It is a beautiful movie of Julia Child’s life that just may inspire you and have you looking for her book “Mastering the Art of French cooking” as soon as you leave the movie theater. A friend of mine told me she did just that but the book was sold out! Honestly, “viéndolo por el lado amable”, this recession may have us cooking at home more than ever and looking for classic recipes to elevate our palates. I happened to browse into one of my favorite bookstores- Vroman’s- in Pasadena, which by the way is where Julia Child was originally from, and found this beautiful display called “What Would Julia Do?” It was full of lovely books from which the movie was adapted and also included other related authors and themes (Paris, anyone?)

I am definitely going to practice my French with one of the recipes in the book, and try not to worry too much but enjoy the process. (A ver que tal me sale el beef bourgignon…)

I’ve also added 2 titles to my book checklist, you’ll see them in yellow: one is called “The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry,” which I think is a very clever title and tells the story about a 36 year old woman studying at Le Cordon Bleu, and also “Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom.”

2 new books to check out!

2 new books to check out!

3 thoughts on “Julia Fever!

  1. Ya casi nunca voy al cine, pero esta la tenía que ver. Very cute no? Nora Ephron sure knows how to write…. Que interesante y que fácil hace verse el hacer una pelicula sobre dos libros en paralelo… y bueno Meryl Streep is a delight, la disfruté tanto como si me hubiera comido uno de sus platillos. Y me encantó que no cayó en el cliché de que se conocieran al final y que fuera lo máximo.
    The only pebble in the shoe is the reminder that real life rarely plays out that neatly, Julie Powell divorced her wonderful loving an supportive husband because she had an affair. In the end she was a b*tch with an original idea and determination, but still a b*tch…(my 2 cents)

  2. OMG Marisol, se me acaba de partir el corazon con esa noticia de que se separaron en la vida real, que barabara la Julie Powell!! En donde estara ese hombre?? he’s good on paper! Bueno y el actor Chris Messina, is my new crush!

  3. WOW! Noo! Me muero por ver la peli pero ya que me entere del afair, me va saber diferente… de todos modos me muero por verla…

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