I still miss JFK Jr.

Hard to believe it’s been ten years, but this week is the tenth anniversary of the death of JFK Jr. and his wife Carolyn. I don’t know about you, but every time I see a picture of him I think to myself, how can one person be graced with so much charm and beauty, and have so much tragedy in his life? He was truly the stuff of legends. As his Uncle Teddy said, “Like his father, he had every gift but the length of years.” He was only 38!

Yes, look at any picture of him and admit it, he was one of the most beautiful men on this planet.  ¿A poco no?

LIFE Magazine still has all the photo archives, thank God. And it still exists online. Here’s the link to his Life in Pictures. Very extraordinary!


3 thoughts on “I still miss JFK Jr.

  1. no that’s never ending love, de lo que se esta perdiendo ese SPECIAL SOMEONE that’s out there, mientras recordar es vivir!!!

  2. Recuerdo el día exacto en que dijeron que su avion habia desaparecido, estaba pegada al internet en el Tec de Monterrey Campus México en el DF, no me podia ir a mi casa porque queria saber que habia pasado. Cuando me di cuenta de la triste realidad, sentí que habia enviudado….ya después con los anios medio lo superé la y esta viuda se casó…
    Estoy muy de acuerdo, creo que el mundo lo extrana…beautiful, beautiful ma…

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