Gael, ¡invítame a tu Party!

Wired magazine is a cool source of techie news stuff, and it usually takes a while to browse through it all, but lo and behold! Que se me aparece el cuerito del Gael (o GALE if you’re british proper) in a fullspread 3 page color ad for Grey Goose Vodka.

The spread is titled “On The House” and it invites you to “join actor Gael García Bernal and friends as they gather on a picturesque West Village terrace for an evening of summer cocktails.” Then you turn the page and you see him partying on the terrace, lounging with hip, trendy friends and chilling with a vodka drink.

The Ad also explains how he “abides by a few key entertaining principles to ensure that everyday occasions are extraordinary: Music:  Gael knows that his party is a success when everyone ends up dancing…”That’s a sign that it was good for their souls.” Food:  Not one for elaborate preparations, Gael prefers to serve food food that’s familiar, straightforward and low key, like the “really good” tamales that his grandmother helps him make.”

(Hmmmm… vodka and tamales is not my party combo of choice, but I’ll try the abuelita tamales with an ice cold cerveza por favor!)

He does make a point to say that he “believes that it’s best to start early so everyone has time to get comfortable and make themselves at home.” Knowing a bit about his night owl lifestyle through the mexican tabloids and fresa magazines, I would dare mention that he also believes it’s best to finish the party really early, say 5AM, preferably accompanied by an admiring femme fatale.

Oh but I digress… he is now a Dad so I guess “early bird special” terrace parties in the West Village (NY) are the norm. No matter, they still sound like fun. I’d like to go to those parties, wouldn’t you?

Gael says "ven a mi fiesta."

Gael says "ven a mi fiesta."

Ah!!! The beautiful people having fun with Gael and his vodka drink.

Ah!!! The beautiful people having fun with Gael and his vodka drink.

3 thoughts on “Gael, ¡invítame a tu Party!

  1. Jajaja, yo tambien quiero ir a una de sus fiestesitas!!! Mira nomas que guapeton esta el muchacho 🙂
    Pero eso si, lo de los tamales y el vodka no mas no van. Que le cambie a chocolatito caliente con piquete 🙂 no?
    Saludos Cristi y un beso desde Australia!!

  2. Nice article Cristi! I’m actually a big fan of Gael; seen most of his movies since day one.

    On a kind of related note, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, the U.K edition of Wired Magazine did an article about robots cowering in fear of their grumpy human owners and the photo they used for the article was of my Broken Heart Robot toys!

    You can check it out here:

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