A little objection to NPR

National Public Radio (NPR) is one of the few media outlets that generally offer unbiased, trusted and relevant information in our crazy “up to the minute” news cycle. I recently came about this description of its listeners: “NPR types are a thoughtful group, authentic, informed, who know how they want to live their lives and always looking to enrich experiences.” While agreeing with this statement, I had to disagree with one of their recent features they did last week on an appalling TV show, Operación Repo, which airs on KWHY Channel 22, and that just happens to be doing well in the LA ratings. (Thanks to my dear comadre Alexandra, who told me about this item on NPR and how she had one of those “driveway moments” when you can’t get out of the car just to finish listening to the radio. She couldn’t believe what she was listening to.)

One of the best things about NPR is that you can go on their website and they have all their broadcasts archived. It is truly an amazing FREE service they provide. But you should really support them with a donation, if you can.

However, this one feature on “Operación Repo” and its star Lou Pizarro left me yearning for a little more questioning on the reporter’s part. Snippets of audio from the show are played in the piece, as well as the opinion of the TV station manager for KWHY and an editor from La Opinion. But there is no counter voice of reason to analyze the show and why it is doing well in the ratings. Their only reasoning is that “Slang is part of the appeal.” (Sin comentarios… pero no todos los hispanos hablamos como estas gentes.)

The reporter doesn’t ask the producers  “Do these images of Latinos on your TV show support the generalization that we are culturally challenged, incompetent, uneducated and worse off economically?” I know Channel 22 is not the beacon of fine entertainment for Hispanics, but sometimes you just come away with the perception that they have no shame. Exploit the nacos, why don’t you?

But I digress…back to the piece:

Here is the link to NPR’s audio if you’d like to listen: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104597449

And here’s a recent pic of these fine examples of TV reality stars. If this doesn’t make you cringe, consider the fact that apart from their own TV show, these people have a full length movie in the works. 


TV reality stars...why are these people so successful?

The stars of the show are all related.

One thought on “A little objection to NPR

  1. Noooo…nunca le puse cara a esas voces…nooooooooo, perdon, pero mi gente no es asi… me siento como una total SNOB por sentirme asi al haberlos oido y ahora peor al verlos… why is that entertaining…is it necessary to see others making a fool of themselves and the mélange they’ve turned their cultural heritage into to feel better about being NI DE AQUI NI DE ALLÁ, citando a la ilustre y atinadísima India María..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

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