LA Earthquakes…y la tierra se movía, se movía, se movía.

Unusually repetitive earthquake activity has taken over the South Bay area of Los Angeles during the last 2 days. The earthquakes been short and almost harmless considering they are within the really intense category on the Richter scale (a 5 and a 4.1) but I won’t bore you with the details, since this is earthquake country and they are a fact of life that we have to learn to live with. (What I really want to say is that they are not easy nor fun to go through y nomas sirven para sacarnos unos pinches sustos… pero son inevitables. Pardon my french.)

The weird thing is, we already know we’re supposed to be ready fot The Big ONE and not many of us are. According to seismologists and people in the know, this big ONE is going to hit within 30 years, nothing can stop it, nobody knows when it’s going to strike… and God only knows if California will end up being an island. A very unappealing thought, indeed. So with that in mind, the authorities keep asking us to be ready, to have a kit, to have a plan, and reminding us that the San Andreas fault runs north to south all the way to Baja California, Mexico, but there are all sorts of little faults running underneath our unstable LA-LA land of ours. 

Procrastinator that I am, the thought of putting an earthquake kit has crossed my mind, especially since Sunday evening. I just haven’t gotten around to it. But I’ve made a list, and there’s no more waiting. Ya nos dieron dos  leves “warnings” and Mother Nature doesn’t mess around. So here is my list and if you feel so inclined, I recommend you get a plan going, because with the budget cuts in California, ya no va a haber muchos firemen or paramedics, or emergency services to help us out if we need it. We are basically on our own, so let’s make a plan to survive for at least 3 days, provided that we don’t end up floating in the Pacific Ocean. 

Here’s a list of things for my earthquake kit: remind me if there is anything missing:

Water (a gallon per person, per day, PLUS water for pets); comfort food: experts recommend high calorie sugary stuff to boost morale, it is NOT the time to go on a diet after a natural disaster: chips, cookies, chocolates, crackers, artificial cheese, etc etc (you get the idea) plus cans and non-perishables like tuna and anything you can find; change of clothes; bathroom items: toothbrush & paste, baby wipes, antibacterial gel, kleenex, toilet paper; sturdy gloves; eye goggles, mouth cover piece; first aid kit; crank radio and batteries. If you take medication, keep an extra dose of it. Oh and keep plenty of  food for your pet, very important!

There should also be a plan in place for your family members to meet at a certain location if you can’t get home. Determine to meet at a friends house or park or your nearby starbucks; have a land line/ phone line available because cell phones probably won’t work; have an out of state family member as a contact person… curiously enough the phone company suggests this because long distance calls will probably go through before the local ones, that’s how the grid is wired. And of course, look out for your friends and neighbors and keep a contact information list.

There is no joy in pondering the scary tricks and variables our planet can play with, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stay safe my friends! Below is the US Geological page for further reference. My dear comadre Ale provided me with it and it is bookmarked on my computer. (I play this game where after the quake I guess the scale and go “oh that was a 3.9 ” and immediately go check if I was close.. you should try it, it’s really fun.)

3 thoughts on “LA Earthquakes…y la tierra se movía, se movía, se movía.


  2. mi estrategia era: usgs y un mapa de las placas tectónicas que encontré en wikipedia, asi seguía el rosario de temblores desde chile hasta alaska, cuando pasaban de placa en placa… I put on my geologist gear and go absolutely paranoid listening for the soft rumble of the trepidatory coming…me fue muy mal, pero le pedí a Diosito fuerza y aplique el dicho LO QUE NO TE MATA TE HACE MAS FUERTE…I’m still here, tempted to go to the usgs and make some predictions on the next one to hit el Valle de Mexicali…

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