A little Hispanic appreciation… take that Lou Dobbs!!

A report came out today from the US Census which says that nearly one in six residents, or 46.9 people in the US, are Hispanic. Also notable, the fact that the most “latino” county in the nation is Los Angeles, with 4.7 million people. (But you already knew that!) And good news, for a change, we are actually helping the economy grow; I particularly like this quote by Mr. Gronbach:

The quickly expanding Latino population is having a healthy impact on the economy, according to Ken Gronbach, author of “The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Growing Demographic Trend.”

“Latinos have saved our country,” he said. “They represent 14 percent of the population but 25 percent of the live births. The United States is the only western industrialized nation with a fertility rate above the 2.2 percent replacement rate.”   

(YA VEN!!! Para que luego no nos hagan el feo… OK so we have a good fertility rate, that counts for something, right? Me pregunto qué cara pondrá Lou Dobbs, nuestro Hispanic public enemy #1…Yeah right, like I care!)

Read the report here:


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