Cheap thrills.

Some of my family members were in town this past weekend and as an expert LA tour guide, I had the task of treating them to a nice time without breaking the bank. Ergo, a visit to the Farmer’s Market was obligatory. I can’t sing enough praises about this place. Truly a one stop shop for all your LA people watching-good food-entertainment-shopping necessities. Bueno-Bonito-Barato! Case in point, one of the most popular spots is Bob’s Coffee and Donuts.  We probably spent like 7 bucks and change for 4 small coffees, 2 apple fritters and one glazed donut. Not bad for a saturday afternoon “cafecito.” 

Bob's Coffee & Donut's

The best donuts in LA. De veras!

After the Farmer’s Market, we headed over to the Pacific Design Center. Unfortunately, it’s closed on the weekends so we couldn’t get in. But the security guard kindly suggested we go over to the MOCA building annex around the corner, in the same complex as the PDC, where there was a “free art gathering.” As it turns out, this was a reception and book signing for Dave Hickey, the art curator, who was signing copies of his book “The Invisible Dragon.” It was a full house, but we managed to get in and discovered a great bookstore and art space.  Who knew?

Art Lovers.

Art Lovers.

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