My favorite Mexican restaurant

La Loteria Grill is one of the best places to eat authentic Mexican food in LA. And that’s not just my opinion but also Zagat’s, LA Magazine, etc. etc. Its owner is a very talented ex-marketing pro who turned restauranteur, Jimmy Shaw. I’m sure you’ve read some of the good reviews since they’ve been around for a few years.  Their new location on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood is quite nicely decorated, spacious and airy. It’s perfect for a Sunday breakfast, as I recently discovered. They also have the original Farmer’s Market location, which is also comes in handy for satisfying your enchiladas suizas craving. Y hasta tienen tacos de papa con epazote y chicharron de queso por ejemplo. Find them on the web at And I don’t get any commission from this! 

Loteria Sunset

2 thoughts on “My favorite Mexican restaurant

  1. Yo quiero esos tacos de papa con epasote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm que rico!!! Como extraño la comida mexicana caray….
    Ni hablar a lo mejor y yo deberia hacer lo mismo y cambiar de industria y lanzarme a abrir un restaurante de comida aqui en Australia, no? jejeje
    Saludos y esta super que tengas un blog 🙂

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