The 99 Cents Store rocks!

MAYBE it’s because it’s 3 thirtyishpm and I find myself needing to feel productive, maybe it’s because Oprah has the country superstars on and I’m not into country, but I decided to post again to this new gadget.

Here’s a little thing I wrote this morning in lieu of having to get ready to drive to work. What does one do to adjust to unemployment? (beyond panic…) Anyhow, this store  has single handedly reinvented my consumer habits. I think in terms of 99 cents now. Apparently I am not the only one.

Ode to the 99Cents Store” by Yours Truly

I used to be successfully employed.
But currently my wallet and bank account have a void.
The things one takes for granted
Sometimes become… a little disenchanted.
(Like shopping for groceries.)

But Oh Joy! What have I found?
A big place where veggies and fruits and cheap chocolates abound!

Choosing among the thousands of items in store,
for once I can stick to a budget like never before.
I feel it’s like a therapy session
that almost makes me able to go through the recession.

As I wonder through your colorful aisles,
I can’t help but emit happy smiles.
Apricot jams from Argentina
A few feet away from Neutrogena.
Tomato sauce and pasta galore
for tonight’s dinner and maybe some more.

If only I had ventured here back when I was a Whole Foods snob,
I might have more cash saved up as I look for another job.
But for your unassuming nature and democratic bravado,
I am grateful that here I can also people-watch shoppers in Prada.

Thank you 99 Cents store for letting me see
That with a ten dollar budget I can continue to be…



3 thoughts on “ODE TO THE 99 CENT STORE

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